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Neural Semantics
Infused with NLP Tools &Techniques and 
Ancient Indian Science & Spirituality

Great Communicators, Successful People in different Fields of Activity, Strategists all over the World have a certain way of Thought Process and Meaning that they associate with these Thought Process [Semantics]. They follow a particular Pattern of Thinking and Action

As the Neurology is the same, any Homo-Sapiens can Adapt these Patterns and make it theirs thereby Achieve what others have Achieved. 

When the Modern Tools and Techniques of Neural Semantics is infused with Ancient Wisdom of Indian Scriptures & Spirituality, it Empowers a person to Cross Over Changing Times of Life and work on amicably adapting one to the Happening Climate and Handle Change Easily and Effectively



Journey began in the year 2000, Explore what we've evolved into !!

Neural Semantics  

Neural Semantics !!!
What  is Neural Semantics?
Why Neural Semantics ??
How to go about it ??


Therapy is used for Improving the Mental & Physical Health. The Quality of Life depends on a person’s coping abilities with Mind & Physical Health Challenges

Our Team

The Core Team Handling all the Powerful Individual and Corporate Interventions

Tat Twam Asi – International Online Individual Coaching

Design the Life You Dream Into Reality

International Online Coaching and Mentoring Program for Individuals to Achieve Their Dreams and Take adequate Action and Celebrate Excellence and Success in Personal and Career Life - An International Acclaimed Coach who can assist in your Magical Transformation
  • Explore your Inner Potential, Passion & Talent and Give it a Direction – A Purpose in Personal and Professional Life
  • Heal Yourself - Physical Body Aches, Muscle Pains and Uneasy feelings
  • Negate Panic Attack, Anxiety Disorders & Depressions 
  • Erase Past Traumatic Events [PTSD] - Strong Incidences & Relationships
  • Converge the Mixed Feelings & Confusions about Career & Future Goals
  • Align Self Goals to that of Career Goals thereby Work on an Inspired Path
  • Eradicate Phobias such as Claustrophobia, Hydrophobia, Aerophoia, Socio - Phobia etc
  • Weight Management, Enhance Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Remove Patterned OCD, Addictions like Smoking and Drinking
  • Negate Examination Fear, Public Speaking Fear, Facing Seniors & Interviews
  • Handle Peoples Opinions & Criticism
  • Generate New Habits, Break Old Patterns of Negative Thinking
  • Build Good Rapport with those who matter, Be flexible and Generate Choices
  • The Smart New Generation Parent to Handle Smart Kids and Young Adults
  • Accelarate Studies and Get Better grades and Handle Peer Pressures
  • Emotion Management like Anger, Nagging, Irritation, Crying etc
  • Amalgamate your Logical Mind [the Thinking You] and Creative Mind [the Doing You]
  • Creativity and Probability Thinking in Generating Choices to Shift Easily and Efficiently
  • Handle Relationships, Cope Up with Break ups and Build Rapport with People who Matter
  • Lead an Inspired & Celebrating Life ...............  and many other Challenges

Corporate Clients


  • “I would like to thank you for organising the high energy and intensive - fast and furious themed day long work shop on team work, creativity and probability thinking for my team consisting of the management committee, heads of departments and their second in commands. The teams enjoyed every bit of it and the whole day was very well planned and each activity well thought of and organised keeping in mind the theme and objectives of the workshop. The learning from each of the activity hit the nail on the head with exactly what I wanted to impart to my team before the upcoming very prestigious and international summit being hosted at our hotel.”

    Ranjit Phillipose
    Area Director Taj Goa & General Manager Taj Exotica,
    Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces,
  • “My team and I enjoyed all the four days training conducted by you. The team learned a lot from the workshop and team building exercises, and help them understand more what Tajness is all about; how we apply and execute the learning to make our guests experience the Tajness.

    Your module and approach to training is systematic and fun, and would definitely recommend you to my colleagues for training.”

    Vishal Singh
    General Manager,
    Taj Exotica Resort & Spa,
  • “We are all using the Neural Semantics & NLP Techniques and reaping its benefits alike. The course has enabled me, personally, to view all challenges with a fresh perspective and face them with a firm positive attitude, both in my personal and professional dealings. I am thankful to you, Reena, and to my wonderful colleagues who organized the course, for introducing me to Neural Semantics. Our collective aim now is to further our acquired knowledge by sharing it with all around us.

    I definitely support the technology and will surely recommend it to my associates.”

    Eman Jassim
    President - Training & Development, 
    Human Resources Group, 
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,

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